• Story Room

    Hosted and Produced by Karen Sander

  • Story Room

    Story Room launched in Manly on March 4, 2020 to a packed live audience.


    Never one to let an obstacle such as spatial distancing get in the way, host and producer, Karen Sander, is now delivering Story Room to a larger online audience.


    Why Tell Stories?


    Storytelling is what makes us human. We are the only living creature who has the ability to communicate through stories. Storytelling fosters inclusion and connection. Stories build personal confidence and have the power to bring about change in our communities.


    Story Room allows people to connect to a storyteller. To connect through their humour, vulnerability or sheer rawness. Expect to laugh, cry and be transported to new and unfamiliar places.


    Everyone has a story. Perhaps you’d like to challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and tell a personal story? Story Room welcomes you.

  • Ageing Fearlessly

    Karen Sander hosts inspiring conversations with famous and not so famous people

  • Is Your Relationship Suffering in Lockdown?

    Annie Gurton, couples therapist on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, shares her top tips for couples who may be finding they are arguing more whilst in lock down.

  • Big Ideas Changing the World

    Kelly Van Nelson is a very modern woman. Recently honoured as AusMumpreneur of the year, she is truly dynamic. Juggling a family, and a high pressure role as Managing Director of a Fortune 500 company and managing to be an author/poet. Her recent book Graffiti Lane is a collection of poems addressing controversial issues such as bullying and domestic violence. What a privilege to be able to spend an hour in the studio with Kelly.

  • Against All Odds

    Against All Odds is the story of Jim "Bull" Bullard's journey from wheelchair to competing in an international challenge called Death Race. This race is a true test of strength, endurance and brainpower. Be warned there are tears during this interview. I take my hat off to Jim, simply an amazing human!



  • The Power of Music 

    New Zealand singer/songwriter Aly Cook kindly joined me in the studio to talk about the amazing power of music. Aly is a brilliant shining light, she is in her 50's and is passionate about empowering women to follow their dreams. During the interview Aly sings one of her favourite songs. You will love it. I hope you love interview as much as I enjoyed spending time with Aly.

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