• Jasper Vallance

    Ex Google guy Jasper, has become the "Ikigai Guy" on a mission to create cultural change in how we work live and party, becoming happier and healthier. Ikigai is a Japanese way of finding your purpose. It essentially means "the reason you get up in the morning".


    Knowing your Ikigai supports you in creating a life of meaning. Jasper is collaborating with Manly Social, running a series of workshops and online 'mini dance parties' helping you align your passions with your superpowers and creating positive impact on the world.

  • Ikigai Workshops

    Free introductory workshop

    Finding your Ikigai


    Crazy Dancer

    ... for big kids and little kids

    Live streamed 30 minutes of dancing chaos for everyone

  • An 80's dance set

  • Host a home Dance Party

    Three hours of dance music! What are you waiting for!

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